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Thursday, September 22, 2022

What Makes A Woman Look Younger Naturally – Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

Are you one of those women who fancy looking younger and attractive naturally? Indeed, every woman wants it, but you’ll not get any synthetic treatments or supplements for anti-aging. Healthy lifestyles, foods, and taking care of your face and body daily are ways to maintain a younger look.  

What makes a woman look younger naturally? A healthy diet and lifestyle are the primary things to get a more youthful look with practices of sunscreen, physical activities, avoiding smoking, etc.

What makes a woman look younger naturally? The natural, more youthful look comes from eating a balanced diet, drinking enough water, avoiding frozen, processed, and junk foods, keeping away from bad habits like smoking and alcohol abuse, and taking enough sleep. 


Good-looking, glowing skin comes from what you eat. However, anti-aging foods help you to get something more than skin brightening. Anti-aging foods fight against free radicals, reduce inflammation, and repair our body's collagen.


Throughout this post, I’ll discuss an extensive range of information, including natural anti-aging foods, anti-aging beauty secrets, anti-aging tips, and many more. All these are vital to maintaining a natural look for women. 


Let’s start!

What you’ll learn:

  • What Makes A Woman Look Younger Naturally
  • How Does Diet Affect Your Skin – What Dietitians Say
  • Foods That Damage Your Skin According To Dermatologists
  • What Are The Primary Signs Of Aging?
  • How to Look Younger Naturally – Some Simple Tips
  • What To Eat To Look Younger Naturally – Nutritionists Suggested Foods
  • Sources Of The Best Anti-Aging Foods Younger Looking Skin
  • Jennifer Lopez Anti Aging Secrets
  • Madonna Anti Aging Secrets
  • Japanese Secrets For Anti Aging
  • Korean Secrets For Anti Aging
  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What Makes A Woman Look Younger Naturally

It isn’t surprising lots of natural and healthy ways to keep and feel younger without using chemical products or supplements. Natural skin care techniques, healthy lifestyles, and diets are better to naturally get a more youthful look than killing skin and age with harsh chemical items.


Adjustments to your every day habits can give you a look holistically and organically younger. Similarly, choosing a proven skincare routine will impact highly on your skin to make it look younger naturally.


Facial massage is another natural way to get better blood circulation that enhances skin elasticity. Take facial massage regularly and include fruits on your daily food items.


Drinking plenty of water daily is a simple way to replenish your skin cells and tissues. These provide you with younger-looking skin and with a healthier body. Besides, taking enough rest and proper sleep is crucial for a youthful appearance.

How Does Diet Affect Your Skin – What Dietitians Say

Providing foods that have essential nutrients is simply a powerful way to get healthy, glowing skin. It also helps you put a limitation on aging signs. Indeed, foods that come from natural, living, and unprocessed sources supply necessary nutrients to your skin.


“Some specific nutrients are helpful to promote better skin elasticity with tissue function and hydration. All those are vital to prevent anti-aging. Besides, those foods reduce inflammation-like damaging effects. You’ll get wonderful results for your skin and other body parts if you eat whole foods, such as vegetables and fruits. It’s because they’re full of antioxidants that work to repair your skin automatically. And keep you away from visible damage. Antioxidants are also good to neutralize body-inside free radicals or molecules that are responsible for skin damage like ant-aging.” - Kara Burnstine, MS, RD, LDN, CDCES; Pritikin Longevity Center’s registered dietitian


“Some foods like pizza, chips, and fried foods are highly processed that don’t have much nutritional value. They’re responsible for making skin inflammation. And this inflammation may be the reason of skin problems like pimples, wrinkles, and dryness. On the other hand, remaining hydrated is another crucial thing to keep in mind. Drinking enough water regularly is very essential to maintain tissue function and skin’s balance.” – Isa Kujawski, MPH, RDN; Nutrition Specialist; Founder & Owner of Mea Nutrition LLC


Foods That Damage Your Skin According To Dermatologists

Some common foods you eat regularly can be the reason for skin aging, inflammation, wrinkles, and acne. You know frequent sun exposure is a cause of skin damage. You also know maintaining a regular skincare routine helps keep your skin away from blemishes, dryness, and acne.


However, do you know how your diet impacts your skin’s appearance? Certain foods may cause acne or can accelerate wrinkles and fine lines appearance.


“We know about some influencing factors like the environment, the skincare routines, and our genes itself. What we don’t know is that our regularly consuming foods play a big role on how our skin feels and looks as well. If we look closely at the link between diet and skin health, we’ll find some foods are impacting with bad effects on your skin that can’t realize. Fried foods, sugars, dairy products, and fast foods have possible involvement on forming fine lines, acne, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles.”

Michele Green, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist.


Here we’re with some specific popular foods dermatologists recommend avoiding if you want young, radiant, and healthy skin.  

Processed Meats

“Processed meats have loads of nitrates and saturated fats that trigger to inflammation. Some examples of processed meats include hotdogs, pepperoni, and bacon.” – Yoram Harth, MD, dermatologist & the medical director of MDacne


Fatty Meats

“Meats that come with higher saturated fat are responsible for acne formation. It’s because meat cut with fat has linked with growth factor of insulin concentrations. It stimulates sex hormone production that lead higher production of sebum and finally, it makes acne. Reduce consuming fatty meat piece and try leaner cuts to get lower impacts on your skin. Fish, turkey, and chicken can be better replacement for fatty meats that help you to control acne breakouts.” Dr. Green, MD, dermatologist


Cow's Milk & Dairy Products

Dr. Harth notes that research reported that acne breakouts might happen for consuming more dairy products from cow’s milk. For example, cheese and yogurt have been proven to assist increasing insulin growth IGF-1.


It amplifies the sebaceous gland in the skin with more sebum production, increasing acne breakouts. Interestingly, consuming milk products irregularly is more prone to acne breakouts than regular intake. So, you must reduce dairy items from your diet to avoid skin problems like acne.

Whey Protein

“Shakes are made from whey protein may increase sex hormone production and it mimics testosterone. It can cause mass buildup of lean muscle that’s helpful to acne and skin breakouts. It’s because this increases oil that makes the way to come in opportunistic acne germs.” - Anna Guanche, MD


Microwave Meals

“Microwave meals can be another common cause of skin damage. Plastics dissolve into the meals that force you indirectly to intake toxic items. Besides, microwave meals are salty that may affect insulin factor negatively on your skin.” Adrienne O'Connell, MD, Laguna Beach dermatologist.



Dr. O'Connell says, “Mayonnaise contains oils rich in omega-6 fatty acids that affect the inflammatory processes. And it make your skin imperfect than it should be.”


Baked Goods

Dr. Green says, “Baked food items like pastries and doughnuts are delicious, but they have higher amount of sugar content. It can be a reason of making wrinkles and fine lines. Food with higher sugar concentrations affect negatively on the production of your skin collagen. This collagen is very crucial to keep your skin good-looking, firm, and supple. Decreasing collagen production makes lower control over wrinkles that creates skin with fine lines.”


Artificially-Sweetened Products

“Artificial sweeteners tend to affect your hormones like sugar. Thus, they become helpful contributors for acne. Like dairy products, artificial sweet may encourage insulin discharge. It also increases hormone productions like IGF-1 that develops acne as a key contributor. Almost everything comes with artificial sweeteners from chocolate to ice cream and even to many instant oatmeals.” Hadley King, MD, NYC Dermatologist


White Bread

“White bread contains refined carbohydrates, which is a major contributor to glycation. Glycation is a method to attach sugar with collagen. These carbohydrates modify collagen molecules and they don’t make bonds like standard collagen. Instead, these modified collagen turns into fractures and becomes rigid. Also, they weaken the skin foundation. Stick to breads that are made from whole-grain rather than white bread. It’ll keep you away from refined carbs and help you stay fuller for a long time.” Joshua Zeichner, MD, NYC-based dermatologist 


High Glycemic Indexed Foods

“Sugar has a higher glycemic index, which is the rival of skin collagen. It may come from processed foods, such as, oil-fried potato chips, soda, and candy bards. Sugar elevates the insulin levels that make inflammation and damage of essential free radical. Higher glocuse content damages small vessels in our blood triggers to microvascular disease. Studies in different diabetic patients resulted in bad skin elasticity, aging skin, and slower wound healing. The indications of aging skin come up with brown spots and wrinkles. Sugars are hidden in foods can cause wrinkles on your skin that promote aging.” Diane Madfes, MD, FAAD, assistant professor of dermatology, the Mount Sinai School of Medicine



Pretzels have higher sodium substances that affect the skin condition. In this case, Michele Farber, MD, a dermatologist, says, “Salts and other dehydrating ingredients can make fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. Coffee and alcohol are some excellent examples of higher sodium contented items.

What Are The Primary Signs Of Aging?

Many signs of our body indicate aging. There are some primary aging signs that you must know to prevent aging. Here are the most common aging signs:

Dull Skin

Higher temperatures, air conditioning, and strong wind can dry your skin, leading to cracked skin with flakiness. All those don’t result in anything good, just tight-feeling with dull skin.

Wrinkles & Fine Lines

It’s a natural process of aging that’s unavoidable. But, wrinkles and fine lines may appear at younger ages because of smoking, alcohol consumption, sun damage, and pollution.

Sagging Skin

It’s also another unpreventable natural aging process. However, losing and gaining extra weight can cause firmness in your skin at a younger stage.

Dark Spots

Dark spots and dark circles may appear for many reasons. Some reasons include skin injuries, acne, inflammation, and sun damage.

Open Pores

Open pores are responsible for many other skin-related issues like pimples and blackheads. Typically, they’re available on your nose. But, they can affect your face, chest, and back.

Patchy Skin

Foreign organisms can form patchy skin. Also, it may appear for uneven melanin distribution in different skin areas.

Dry Skin

A yawn may result in torn or cracked skin if you have a dry skin issue. It’s not just unappealing; it’s also painful. Most dry skin problems can happen because of environmental factors.

How to Look Younger Naturally – Some Simple Tips

One of the most common search terms on Google is “how to prevent aging of skin naturally?” Here I’m with some simple but efficient tips to look younger naturally:

Make A 15-Minute Walking Routine Every Day

Walking affects many ways on our body. It’s one of the most common activities for us. A report suggested, based on a 12-year-long study, that a 15-minute regular walk reduces a 22% of mortality rate. It’s a higher percentage than most other active workouts.

Get The Correct Food Supplements

Nowadays, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals are widespread. Also, there are prevalent issues like dehydration and junk food for many reasons. When all those are mixed, they can impact faster on your skin and make it older-looking.


Moreover, your skin becomes wrinkled, tired, and dry over time. As a result, you must avoid focusing on lotions and creams to keep your skin away from those issues. Some vitamins and minerals play a good role in a sound complexion. Get suggestions from your physician for the best results.

Eat Foods That Are Rich in Antioxidants

Many free radicals in our bodies are entirely normal to have. They’re chemical compounds with unstable molecules from our body’s reaction to pressures and environmental effects. Foods full of antioxidants are incredibly vital to fight against some rival free radicals.


Some antioxidant-rich foods include broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and spinach. Also, you can eat cabbage, avocados, radish, asparagus, lettuce, pumpkin, and kale to restore the deficiency of antioxidants.

Say A Big NO To Junk Food

Consuming lots of junk and processed foods may cause damage to cells and DNA. Junk foods increase the levels of free radicals connected with fast aging. Control your tongue from eating fast foods like hot chops, pizzas, burgers, bacon, sugary drinks, and alcoholic drinks.

Never Use Chemical-Made Skincare Products

Always avoid skin care products containing silicones, parabens, and other harmful chemical compounds. They react adversely and provide opposite results – destroy your skin – rather than making it brighter or look younger.


The major problem is that some people believe in miracles to look them younger with a bright faces. But, they’re unnoticeably applying poison to their face and other body parts.

Use Natural Methods To Promote Your Skin

As we suggested avoiding artificial skincare products, the question may arise here: what should I do to take care of my skin? Let’s know some natural tips to prevent a faster aging process:

·         Clean your skin twice daily and do it each time you get sweated.

  • Wash your skin twice a day, and every time you sweat. 
  • Use a dry and soft cloth or towel to remove water from your skin after every wash.
  • When there are blemishes, use tea tree oil to reduce their inflammation.
  • Never compromise with eating healthy and nutritionally balanced foods.
  • Practice activities like yoga, meditation, or going outside that help to reduce stress.
  • Keep an eye on your gut health.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Get an adequate amount of quality sleep (7 to 8 hours per night).

Drink Adequate Water

As our body contains up to 70% of water, it’s a very vital substance for use. Water is essential for everything in our body, from cells to all body parts. Our bodies can’t function properly without enough water.


An adult man requires about 3.7-liter or 15.5-cup fluids per day. And an adult woman needs about 2.7-liter or 11.5-cup fluids to help the body function smoothly.

Manage Your Stress

Constant stress can disrupt blood circulation and nutrient transportation to the cells and tissues. It’s because all the concentration and energy always go into our muscles. Also, it weakens our muscles. Here are some steps regarding how to reduce stress naturally:

  • Change lifestyle by reducing coffee, smoking, and alcohol
  • Eat healthy diet
  • Consume less sugar
  • Eat foods that have more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids
  • Drink the suggested amount of water
  • Perform physical exercise
  • Try natural depression-reducing supplements

What To Eat To Look Younger Naturally – Nutritionists Suggested Foods

What to eat to stop aging? Foods with natural sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are good for making you look younger naturally. Here are some foods with natural sources of healthy and essential substances:

Fresh Fruits & Green Vegetables

Antioxidant-rich, fresh fruits & green vegetables prevent your skin from premature aging. Also, it helps you to decrease the risk of heart disease and many more chronic illnesses. Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits are good sources of natural antioxidants to meet your need for healthy nutrients.


Fishes are packed with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, vital to generating new skin cells. Consuming fish in your diet helps you to promote hydration with enhancing skin flexibility.


All these prevent premature aging by reducing wrinkles and blemishes. Likewise, fish are vital to restoring protein insufficiency that causes skin damage.

Protein-Rich Foods

Foods rich in protein are crucial for healthy skin. Fatty fishes, eggs, chickens, and tofu are good natural protein sources to promote better skin conditions.


Also, they maintain the proper skin hydration levels, improve skin elasticity, and increase skin collagen. Other protein-rich foods include walnuts, broccoli, blueberries, dark chocolates, lemons, and coconuts.

Flax Seeds

Flex seeds work great for healthy aging. They have lignans, a type of polyphenol full of antioxidants. They lower the risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Also, they have alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a variety of omega-3 fatty acid that keeps your skin hydrated and fleshy. 


Pomegranates have essential healthy nutrients and antioxidants like fiber, vitamin K, and potassium. All of these are vital for a healthy heart and delaying the aging process. They help you to heal skin damage caused by extreme sun exposure.


Among other notable health benefits, tomatoes help you promote healthy aging with their higher amount of lycopene content. Carotenoid in lycopene makes tomatoes red, and it also works like antioxidants. Besides, it helps trim down the risk of many chronic diseases.

Collagen Peptides

Our body’s abundant protein is collagen, mainly available in our joints and skin. When we grow old, our body breaks this collagen down and produces this inefficiently. It may lead to skin aging with signs like sagging skin and wrinkles.


We should eat foods rich in vitamin C and protein. Besides, we must avoid activities like cigarette smoking and sun tanning to slow collagen breakdown.

Sources Of The Best Anti-Aging Foods Younger Looking Skin

A healthy diet isn’t just providing you control over anti-aging; it also helps keep your body in optimum shape. Here is a table of the best foods to keep skin young




How Does It Help You To Look Younger

Vitamin A

·         Sweet potatoes

·         Spinach

·         Carrots

·         Mangos

Treats wrinkles with antioxidant properties

Vitamin C

·         Bell peppers

·         Citrus fruits

·         Tomatoes

·         Brussel sprouts

·         Broccoli

·         Strawberries

Helps to produce collagen to fight against harmful free radicals

Vitamin E

·         Seeds

·         Nuts

·         Vegetable oil

Protects your skin from the damage of free radicals and helps to restore vitamins deficiency

Vitamin D

·         Natural sources: mushrooms, fish, and eggs

·         Fortified products: breakfast cereals or milk

Helps you to fight against skin issues like acne and other skin infections.

Jennifer Lopez Anti Aging Secrets

Jennifer Lopez JLo is a style icon and a multi-hyphenate actress, entrepreneur, producer, and musician. Surprisingly, a woman of 52 years is still an age-defying definition.


She is famous for her brighter, glowing skin. And when she was asked about her anti aging beauty secrets, she told about them as below:

  • She neither drinks nor smokes. Instead, she leads the cleanest life
  • Likes to wear sunscreen regularly
  • Gives priority to mental health
  • Uses premium skincare products
  • Takes enough rest
  • Loves to eat clean and be hydrated
  • Avoids caffeine
  • She wants to do meditation and yoga
  • Washes her face before bed and after a workout
  • She keeps her skin away from sun damage
  • Uses anti-aging skincare products 

Madonna Anti Aging Secrets

Everybody admits to the jealous glow of Madonna. And I’m very sure you’re eagerly waiting to know the celebrity aging secrets of Madonna. Here are the beauty secrets of beauty queen Madonna:

  • Maintains her skin from pimples
  • Avoids sun and dry skin as it causes acne
  • Uses cold water for better circulation
  • She never gets crazy when she needs exfoliation
  • Provides her skin with hydration both internally & externally
  • Loves massages and facials for instant glow
  • Removes makeup before she sleeps
  • Uses sunscreen and moisturizers before sleep
  • Eats six meals per day in small portions

Japanese Secrets For Anti Aging

You’ll find Japanese women with beautiful, brighter skin. They maintain much slower aging than other nations. Therefore, it’s difficult to determine their ages because of their younger look.

They eat an oil-free, balanced diet and follow a vigorous skincare routine using natural ingredients. Here are some Japanese anti-aging secrets that keep them younger than their ages:

  • Japanese women follow a gentle cleansing practice every day.
  • Most of them love to use skin softeners.
  • They take collagen drinks and collagen-rich foods. Apply collagen cream at night and consume collagen pills.
  • Women in Japan also like pro massaging on their arms, legs, and stomachs.
  • Remove their make before sleep and keep their skin bare for the night.
  • They always use trusted organic anti-aging products every night.
  • Take beauty sleep for about 8 hours; that’s halfway there.
  • They eat seaweed every day as it’s full of anti-aging skincare benefits.
  • Japanese women drink antioxidant-rich green tea.
  • Exfoliate their skin using azuki beans and nourish it with rice ban.
  • They follow a traditional way of eating balanced foods
  • Tsubaki oil is their favorite one of famous oil.

Korean Secrets For Anti Aging

Korean women maintain their glowing skin with consistent routines, healthy skincare practices from a very early age, and proactive vigilance. Here are some Korean anti-aging secrets:

  • Every corner has beauty shops, and every desk has humidifiers.
  • A daily regimen of Korean women includes essences, moisturizers, cleansers, and serums.
  • Toddler facials are a crucial thing in their world.
  • They eat foods that are rich in probiotics.
  • Protect their skin every day without leaving their necks.
  • They don’t drink using straws as they cause fine lines.
  • Ensure moisturizing after cleansing their face.
  • Korean women follow steaming very significantly.
  • They use masks overnight to get flawless skin in the morning.
  • Take extra care of their lips to hydrate all day long.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How Can A Woman Look Younger Naturally?

Women should eat vitamin C rich fruits, vegetables, and collagen supplements. They should maintain a skincare routine with facial massages to make natural and younger look than their ages.

What Makes A Female Face Look Younger?

Experts say a female can be looked 10-year younger than her age by the below tips:

  • Keep good posture
  • Use sunscreen
  • Consume anti-aging foods
  • Keep smiling very often
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get a beauty sleep at night
  • Eat lots of fruits, veggies, and water

How Can I Make My Face Look Younger Than My Age?

You can make your face look younger than your age if you stay hydrated, exercise daily, eat more fruits, veggies, and water, get enough sleep, and reduce stress.

What Can Make My Face Look Younger?

You can keep your face a younger look by protecting it from the sun, stopping smoking, eating well-balanced foods, drinking less alcohol, and cleansing your skin smoothly.

What Can I Drink To Look Younger?

Red wine is an anti-aging stimulant that helps you get younger-looking skin. Besides glowing skin, red wine is also suitable for heart health and blood pressure. You can drink one or two red wines daily to get surprising anti-aging results. Also, you can consume apple juice, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and carrot juice regularly to get glowing, younger-looking skin.

What Foods Slow Down Aging?

Anti-aging foods include watercress, red bell peppers, papayas, blueberries, broccoli, spinaches, nuts, and avocados.

What Age Do You Start Looking Old?

Many experts believe the process of skin aging starts around 25 years. Indeed, some early aging signs appear within the 30s. Thus, dietitians suggest initiating skincare after 25s when your body produces less collagen, and the skin starts losing flexibility.

What Makes A Face Look Older?

When you lose fat in the cheeks, nose, chins, temples, and near the eyes, you should consider these as your face is going to be older. All these are natural processes of aging. Looking older is related to unhealthy eating, bad sleeping quality, a sedentary lifestyle, dehydration, dry skin, poor cleansing, etc.

Bottom Lines

What makes a woman look younger naturally? A well-balanced diet with a healthy lifestyle is a significant role in keeping a woman looking more youthful than her age. Switch to foods with antioxidants, healthy fats, and high protein content. 


Some good health practices can control aging, including sunscreen, remaining physically active, avoiding smoking, and applying natural skincare products.


Also, it’s good to socialize with your friends and the outer world to get accomplishment in your life. If you follow the above tips, your age will be a number out of your younger-looking skin. themselves well. 

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